Best Laid Plans…..

So here goes, the first official post of 2014.

So as stated in the About Moi section, the goal of this year is to challenge myself and to look into doing activities that I’ve not done before (or perfect those that I have already started).  As part of this there are some wheels already in motion to accomplish my goal.  Just before last Christmas my two best friends, Gary and Ollie, shared with me a dream they had both had since they were teenagers.

The Challenge:

To buy a vehicle for approx. £250, preferably a convertible, and drive it to a selected destination.  In our case the choice location is Monaco, thats right the tax haven for the world’s billionaires and probably home to some of the most expensive cars in one country.

Proposed Date of Challenge:

Mid-April 2014, coincidentally near my birthday.

I have never done anything like this before so I really hope we pull it off. There are companies which you can signup with, that will plan your route, set you challenges, and generally provide you company, but for an added challenge we will plan everything ourselves and do it all off our own backs.  Gary has also decided that if we do purchase a convertible, that we will do the entire journey with the roof down NO MATTER WHAT! Hmmmm not to sure about that…

There are several other challenges coming up this year for me, from finding a new job (leaving current on at the end of the month), to training towards a 66 mile bike ride with my Dad. I will update and explain these ones in a later post, there you go that’s an incentive to come back and for me to keep posting.

Catch you later,


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