From Boards to Consoles

Good Morning,

So a general interest of mine, and one of the main ways I like to just blow off steam and chillout , is gaming.  I always enjoying playing games, pretty much any game to be honest (as the title of this post suggests, see what I did there?).  I would not class myself as a hardcore gamer by any means; I straddle the boundary between the humble abode of a Casual Gamer, and the slightly more dedicated Core Gamer.

So what is a casual/core gamer? 

Well these terms basically cover those people who are interested in playing games (more frequently relating to Video Games) but do not spend obscene amounts of time in completing games, keeping up-to-date with the very latest releases, and generally incorporating gaming into their lifestyle.  Casual Gamers tend to play games for minimal periods of time, and do not wish to spend lots of time levelling-up characters to improve stats.  The Core Gamer takes things slightly more serious; They enjoy playing games and may have one or two core games they play frequently (mine currently is Killzone 3: Shadow Fall), but do not feel the need to be the best gamer all the time. These are the kind of gamers that will spend some time developing a character, but will not delve deep into the facts and stats of every aspect to create the perfect soldier.

I hope that makes some kind of sense for you all.  Basically, for me games are a form of escapism.  For a few hours I can chillout and immerse myself in a game where I can be a ancient being made of relics (PS4’s Knack), part of team taking down the Dire’s base (PC/Mac based, DOTA2), or simply spend some quality time playing cards with my family.

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