A Change in Console

Hello there,

Recently I experienced the sudden shock of my Xbox 360 deciding that it no longer wanted to be a contributing part of my household. My once trusted friend went through the transformation often seen in children transforming into teenagers, bare with me on this; So for years my Xbox and me would be the best of friends, we would see each other pretty much everyday, play games, meet people, and generally have a symbiotic relationship (I maintain him and buy new games, he ensures he kept up to date and did as he was told).  Then the change happened, seemingly over night… Xbox would decide mid-game to stick his tongue out, resulting in that perfectly timed snipe that i’d been lining up for ages to be ruined and the game to shut down.  I tried talking to him nicely (you laugh, I actually did) and even gave him a good clean out, but this just made matters worse.  As the weeks went by my Xbox 360 evolved from just doing this during games, it would happen at anytime even when the system was off! So after a few weeks of deliberation I decided he had to go, to fix him would be too expensive and painful for both of us.  Oh got a bit too involved in that story there….

Basically, long story short, my Xbox 360 is no longer in the picture.  A sleeker and more up-to-date console is donning my entertainment unit, and his name is Playstation 4! Now I chose the PS4 as it seemed that Playstation had stayed true to their roots as a Console for Gamers, whereas I saw Microsoft (Xbox’s Daddy) was forcing me down a route of purchasing an all-in-one media hub that I just didn’t need.  Honestly I made the right choice, the User Interface is simple and easy to use, and even better isn’t covered in adverts like the Xbox 360 was, the games are fluid and fun, and the ability to share gameplay at the touch of the button is a nice feature.  Saying this I was a bit disappointed the range of launch titles available, the three games delivered in my bundle were Knack (Platformer/Puzzler), Need for Speed: Rivals (Racing), and Killzone 3: Shadow Fall (Shooter).  For those interested I will look into writing a short summary/review of these games in the coming weeks.  I know there are more and more games coming out as the weeks go by but to have only 3/4 games available on launch just left a slight sour taste in my mouth, but that could just be the Sherbet Lemons I’ve recently become addicted too recently as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading through my rambles and baring with me through the saga of the troublesome Xbox 360.

Catch you later,


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