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So I’ll lay it out on the table for you all; I’ve become attached.  Attached to my phone and iPad that is, to be more precise the Apps that I use.  I’m sure in this age of smartphones and tablets we all have apps that pretty much run (or in some cases ruin) our lives.  Let’s face it there are apps for pretty much everything; from calorie counters to crushing candies, so I thought I’d give you glimpse into the gaming apps that keep me glued to my devices.

Smash Hit (created by Mediocre)

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This is the most recent addition to my App catalogue, and it is by far one of the most addicting games to date.  The game is simple; throw balls towards oncoming obstacles to clear your path.  I know it doesn’t sound as exciting or thrilling as an action game but trust me give it a chance.  You only possess a limited supply of silver balls so the player must rely on good timing and aim to be able progress through the levels.  The graphic style is minimal but futuristic, which is always a soft spot for me.  The sound design mirrors that of the visuals, background audio provides a fantastic ambience but is contrasted by the shattering of crystal blockades and structures.  Smash Hit is available on both iOS and Android systems and is currently free (a £1.49 Premium version is available, allowing access to Cloud saving, Stats, and restarting from checkpoints).

Magic Piano (created by Smule)

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This app appeals to the musician in me, and if you are a fan of games like Guitar Hero then this game is worth a try.  Magic Piano allows you to play along to thousand of tracks by simply following dots on the screen.  As the song begins the player must tap the screen as the coloured dots reach the highlighted area, the difficulty of each song can be chosen at the start.  The difficulty challenges the player from using two finger commands (Easy) up to four finger responses (Hard).  This game has been on my tablet for about a year now and I have yet to become tired of it.  The choice of musical genres and the ever present urge to 100% complete a song is irresistible to me.  The choice of songs and instruments to choose from are limited at the start but more are unlocked as you progress in levels, or they can be purchased for both in-game and real currency.  Smule have a number of musically orientated apps, but this is the most addictive in my opinion.  Magic Piano is currently available on both iOS and Android systems and is currently free to purchase.

QuizUp (created by Plain Vanilla)

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This is for all you pub quizzers out there! The aim of the game here is to quite literally be the the know-it all of a desired area of study both academic and entertainment. Once you have downloaded the app (and created a profile, allowing you to track your progress/wins and losses/other fun stats), the player chooses a topic, of which there are quite literally hundreds of, and a contender is found.  The contestants then battle it out in seven rounds of multiple choice questions, of which the points scored are determined by how fast the correct response is selected. This is not a gladiator-esque affair though I’m afraid, both parties are awarded with points toward their progress in the selected category; the victor getting a sizeable amount more than their now humiliated opponent. QuizUp is a great way to test your knowledge and in turn learn things you had no idea about.  The app allows for users to add friends, chat to other players about your recent battle of minds, and discussion boards to talk about topic suggestions. As with all the other apps, QuizUp is free on all operating systems.

Honorable Mention: Evil Apples (created by Evil Studios)

I won’t spend long going into this app, for a simple reason; it is an application based on a game I recently posted a Gaming Spotlight on.  The aim of Evil Apples is the same as that of Cards Against Humanity (of which you can read my full review here). Users are pitted against each other to provide the funniest answer they can from a hand of randomly generated cards.  It is then down to the card tsar to choose the best response, in this case the winner of the hand is awarded five coins. The overall champion is the player who is awarded seven winning hands. It must be said and made clear that this application has no affiliation with the creators of Cards Against Humanity. The only flaw I have with this app is that it limits the amount of games you can play (against strangers, against your friends is free). Each game costs one slice of in-app cake, slices of cake can be purchased for real life money or they are awarded daily. The app itself is free and is fun for just filling a few minutes, but obviously your enjoyment is limited due to the cake issue, funny really cake being the killer of enjoyment!

So ladies and gentlemen of the smartphone world, those were the four main applications that are currently sapping away my life and phone battery at present.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this little summary of games that I play while out and about, please do get in touch if you think there’s an app that I should be checking out!

Gotta run, some wise-guy thinks he can outsmart me in the topic of the Marvel Universe Movies.

Wish me luck x


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