Visiting Norwich – A Weekend Away

Hello again Ladies and Gents,

I’m going to keep the text to this post short but sweet. Last weekend I got to visit Norwich City while seeing a friend, the lovely Jenny from FashionFromAField (if you like all things Fashion and Beauty check her out). While wondering around the city we visited the Cathedral, had a stroll around the Castle, and enjoyed a relaxed afternoon at the Plantation Gardens.  Fortunately I remembered to bring my camera and got to flex my photography skills, even tried my hand at some fashiony outfit photos for Jenny’s Blog <<<here>>>.

So that’s a brief look at my trip to Norwich City.  It’s a fascinating and vibrant city with a mixture of culture/history/and curious little shops.  I will definitely be making a visit there again.

As always I love hearing back from those of you that take the time too look at my photos. If anyone has any tips/tricks, queries or theories, then please get in touch.

Catch you later,

Iain x

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