Longleat: Festival of Light

Hello Ladies and Gents,

So just before New Years I visited the Festival of Light at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. I didn’t take many pictures of the animals living here, or of inside the historic stately home though.  The main reason for this visit was the impressive display of chinese lanterns set up throughout the park.  These impressive structures were all made from silk and ranged from delicate flowers to wild beasts on parade.  I’ve never really tried taking photos like this before as it poses quite a difficult situation; balancing increasing darkness as the evening progressed, but also the vibrant colours and light produced by the subjects.  With this in mind I tried my best to capture the event as best I could.

I hope these images give you an idea of how impressive and stunning these structures were.

As always please let me know what you think of my work, any criticism is gladly welcome. Did anyone else manage to see this impressive display?

Take care,

Iain x

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