Trying Something Different – Photography

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Recently I’ve been thinking about hobbies that I used to enjoy, but rarely get to to take part in, as you can probably tell from the title this post is going to relate more to Photography. I’ve always enjoyed taking photo’s while out and about, the problem is I got into the habit of using the built in settings. Obviously this causes a problem; yes you may be learning to frame and create a pleasant looking image, but you miss out on learning the skill it actually takes to balance the light level and shutter speed to create those images (I hope that makes sense, it did in my head).

While catching up with a friend (another blogger, Jenny from fashionfromafield, if you like fashiony stuff go check her out),  who I hadn’t seen in about 3 years, in London last weekend we got talking about taking pictures and I got to use her fancy new camera instantly sparking my interest in this hobby again.  Through our chat I remembered how I used to enjoy taking my camera, an Olympus E500 DSLR, to zoos in order to practice.  Obviously the fact that you’re taking pictures of fascinating animals helps when creating an image, but it also helped my get used to focusing on moving targets and the patience it takes to photograph a subject out of your control.  Anyway last year I did just that, the family and I visited Marwell Zoo and I took along my camera. Out of all the photos I captured I found only a few were actually worth using, the problem is I lost my card-reader and so had no way of processing them…..until now! Turns out I had forgotten that I leant my sister the card reader when she went on holiday and had never claimed it back.

And so, after a little while remembering how to process the images, below are some of the photos I captured.  Unfortunately I cannot remember the actual names of some of these animals, so if you have any idea please let me know!

I’d love to hear what you guys and gals think about these photos, and if you have any tips/tricks that you think I could use. Again, thank you all for taking the time to read through my general ramblings and thoughts about any of the things I post here.  I know I don’t post all that regularly, but when I do I hope you enjoy it.

Catch you later,


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